empower a new generation of creators to design their future with passion and purpose

empower a new generation of leaders to design their future with passion and purpose


what we do

Today‚Äôs young people are exposed to more social, political, and cultural issues than any previous generation.  As they grow into our future leaders, what could be possible if they were empowered to choose an impact, instead of simply a major?

Prismatic teaches young people the skills to become mission-driven leaders through educational programs in collaboration with schools, community organizations, and professional mentors. Our students learn to combine their unique strengths, personal mission and tangible 21st century skills in a career development program that prepares them to lead with intention. 


"At the beginning you could see they were nervous, not sure if they had the skills to make this happen, and now towards the end you see them excited, you see a sense of pride in them."

- LaKisha Hoffman, Perspectives IIT Social Worker and Entrepreneurship in the Arts Partner


how we do it

Prismatic programs are made possible through collaborations with corporations and community partners who are passionate about supporting educational opportunities for underserved communities.