empower a new generation of creators to design their future with passion and purpose

empower a new generation of creators to design their future with passion and purpose


what we do

Prismatic provides educational opportunities in schools and community spaces that expose low-income junior high and high school students to career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the arts. 



Prismatic programs deepen students’ engagement in the arts while bridging the gap between creativity and real-world application. 

Our programs teach invaluable 21st century skills that prepare students to succeed either in the traditional job market or when launching a business of their own.  


"At the beginning you could see they were nervous, not sure if they had the skills to make this happen, and now towards the end you see them excited, you see a sense of pride in them". 

LaKisha Hoffman, Perspectives IIT Social Worker and Entrepreneurship in the Arts Partner



why teach entrepreneurship in arts classrooms?

Because we believe that real change happens at the intersection of creativity and execution.

Our program goes beyond teaching entrepreneurship through tech or product development. We teach young people how to apply entrepreneurship skills, like problem-solving and leadership, to a creative endeavor such as dance, music, writing or visual art. 

prismatic students learn


our approach



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we start with why

By teaching students to define their mission, values, and unique identity, Prismatic students learn that all great careers begin with purpose.

we teach the how

Prismatic programs empower student autonomy from inspiration to execution. We teach our students to set measurable goals and leverage their unique strengths and interests to achieve them.

Through our partnerships with local and national businesses, entrepreneurs and prominent working artists, Prismatic students gain insight and mentorship from industry leaders from a wide range of career paths.

Spring 2018 Partners Include



Prismatic partners with schools and community spaces to provide residencies and one-day workshops for students grades 7-12.



Find Your Mission is a transformative 1-day workshop that teaches young people to identify their unique strengths and passions while empowering them to impact their community.

Want to help 500 students write their mission in 2018?


Entrepreneurship in the Arts is an in-school program that partners with 7th-12th grade art teachers and field professionals to teach communications, finance, and management skills.

Want to support Entrepreneurship in the Arts through corporate partnership?  


"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and make my own label, and now I'm just an inch closer to it".

Entrepreneurship in the Arts Student



our story


Prismatic was founded by Debra Giunta, a lifelong dancer who combined her passion for the arts with an interest in business development to launch and grow Design Dance, an arts education company serving over 1800 students each season through community partnerships for over 9 years.

Prismatic empowers students whose interests may not align with traditional academic standards for success, with the tools to turn their creativity into a career.

View Debra’s TEDx talk on her experience with the first Prismatic program!

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