empower a new generation of creators to design their future with passion and purpose

invest in our city's future leaders

Make a difference in lives of Chicago teens through corporate sponsorship! 

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As a corporate sponsor, your contribution brings entrepreneurship in the arts to teenagers in underserved Chicago communities.

Sponsorship not only provides invaluable business skills to young artists, your contribution also...

  • boosts economic growth by investing in the development of future small businesses

  • provides multiple career pathways for non-traditional learners 

  • diversifies the future of entrepreneurship by investing in underserved communities 

  • improves school culture through community performances and student-led projects


bring your team together

Collaborate to make a difference through a Prismatic community outreach project! 

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Our corporate partnership program allows your team to engage directly with their community through mentorship and guest speaking with our teens. 

No matter how small your company is, corporate partnership allows you to provide your team with the invaluable experience of inspiring future innovators.   

In addition to our corporate sponsorship benefits, corporate partnership also...

  • builds your company's culture 

  • provides opportunities for professional development 

  • builds professional relationships with other Prismatic corporate partner companies 


see how the community at WeWork came together to support a local school!


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