empower a new generation of creators to design their future with passion and purpose

about us


Prismatic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating young people to be intentional, mission-driven leaders.  We achieve this mission through career development and entrepreneurship programs focusing on building a comprehensive set of 21st century skills. 

Prismatic students...

  • identify and leverage their natural strengths,

  • define a mission-statement born from their own passions,

  • and learn the concrete entrepreneurship skills they’ll need to succeed such as marketing, financial literacy, and presentation.  

Prismatic students leave programs not only empowered to envision a bold career, but also with an understanding that they have the power, even at a young age, to make a change in the world around them.  


our story 

Prismatic was founded in 2016 by Debra Giunta, a lifelong dancer who combined her passion for the arts with an interest in business development to launch and grow Design Dance, an arts education company building access to the arts for over 3000 students each season through community partnerships for over 10 years. 

Debra's work as a social entrepreneur in the arts particularly in working with young people brought to light how infrequently we discuss mission and impact with students when we talk about their future careers. She also found that despite her lack of business training, her creative background in the arts was her greatest asset as an entrepreneur. In an effort to inspire a new generation of arts entrepreneurs, Prismatic's foundational residencies focus on mission driven entrepreneurship for artists specifically. 

Prismatic programs give students like Debra, with a drive towards creativity and social impact, a launchpad for their future career.  

View Debra’s TEDx talk on her experience with the first Prismatic program. 


our team

The Prismatic team of collaborators is made up of entrepreneurs, artists, performers and public school teachers.  If you're interested in supporting our work as an instructor or volunteer reach out at hello@prismaticmovement.org.